e-Nable France

Why your help is so important

We only rely on donations from individuals or corporations to exist.

Your donations allows us to buy materials, lighten the load on our makers, and atend important events for our community.

We all are volunteers, 100% of your donations is used for fulfilling our mission.

Thank you for your help !

A nation-wide network

With a dozen new certified makers each month and over 200 devices distributed since the beginning, e-Nable France federates and animates a network of 450+ makers, all volunteers and philanthropists.

Funding contributors

Key figures

All our makers are volunteers and work for e-Nable by giving on their personal time, on the evenings and the week-ends.

Despite this, we went for new devices requests from multiple months when we began operations in 2015 to a few weeks or even days in average today.


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