e-Nable France

Every year in France, over four hundred kids are born with an agenesis. (the incomplete development of a body part).

We use 3D printing technologies to design, manufacture and deliver assistive devices to people without fingers or arm.

Children outgrow their devices which need to be replaced every 12 to 18 months.

Thanks to your donations and their generosity, our network of makers equips in need, free of charge.

The primary mission of the association is to bring together and connect people in need of a device with people able to manufacture it.

Through this site, e-Nable France provides all the registration, connection and follow-up tools, in French, for the Francophone community.

Because the number of requests is large and growing rapidly, and we absolutely want to keep our model free for recipients, your financial assistance is precious because it allows us to finance materials for makers.

Reasons to join e-Nable

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