e-Nable France

Why a donation ?

A hand costs around € 50 in material costs.
The hands are offered to their recipients, and the makers are not remunerated. Each hand crafted is a personal gift.

Your donations allow us to fund materials to lighten the burden on our makers and attend events important to our members.

Our only source of funding

As our devices are free for the recipient and at the expense of the manufacturer, we do not ask for a contribution to either the first or the second.

Our funding therefore depends entirely on your donations.

If you wish to financially support our action,
if a hand has been offered to you
and you have the possibility and desire,

offer something to build the devices of the next recipients!

Tax receipt

We are authorized to provide our french donors with a tax receipt to attach to your declaration which opens the right to a tax reduction of 66% of the amount given (for individuals) or 60% (for companies). If you are an individual, donating € 1,000 will actually cost you only € 340. Tax receipts are issued on request, either in the comments at the time of the donation, or after the donation, by email to finance@e-Nable.fr.

By credit card

Make a donation

With Paypal

By bank check

Please label it to “e-Nable France” and send it to :
e-Nable France
4 rue Martel
75010 Paris

By wire transfer

Please contact us at finance@e-nable.fr