e-Nable France


Once registered, to be validated as an e-nable France maker, you must carry out a first test hand, which we will validate together.

Device request

When a recipient requests a device, we look for the maker who is closest geographically and with the expertise to make the requested device.
Once the maker has been identified (you), we ask him if he is available to make the device in question.


Once the maker’s agreement has been obtained, the typical sequence of a matching is as follows:

  • Connection : we send an email to the recipient and the maker, to introduce them.
  • First meeting : The maker contacts the recipient and sets up a first meeting, when possible. The purpose of this first meeting is to get to know each other, to validate the existing photos and to take or resume the measures if necessary, and to suggest to the recipient to choose the colors he wishes.
  • Device selection : The decision to make a particular device model must be the result of a dialogue between e-Nable France, the recipient and the maker.
  • Manufacturing : depending on your experience and the complexity, you can choose to make an intermediate prototype, or to directly produce the final device.
  • Fitting : during this meeting you finalize the thermoforming and the settings, and confirm with the recipient the size and comfort of the device. Hopefully, it’s over. If you notice the slightest concern for comfort or functionality, start over. The recipient will never blame you for wanting to do better.
  • Validation : before the final delivery, you will send to contact@e-nable.fr photos of the device on its six sides for validation, you agree not to make the final delivery until you have had this validation .
  • Plan to put back, during the final handover, one or two sets in advance of small or susceptible parts (pins, nylon thread, etc.)

End of project

You must send a message to contact@e-Nable.fr when the final handover has taken place, to allow us to close the project. You will attach to the email the print files of the device, the measurements made, the percentage of enlargement, and any information that will allow another maker to take over when necessary, if ever you are not available. . You will also attach photos of the delivery to the email, for communication or archiving.

The quality

The decision to make a particular device model must be the result of a dialogue between e-Nable France, the recipient and the maker.

The choice should always be made to optimize comfort and usability by the recipient.

You agree to have at least one discussion with the recipient and e-Nable France on this subject before starting production.

In case of disagreement, e-Nable France will make the final decision on the choice of model.

If you have never produced the model ultimately chosen, you will have your creation validated by e-Nable France before presenting it to the recipient. It is recommended that you make a prototype that you keep.

Force majeure

If you encounter a major concern that forces you to stop manufacturing, let us know at contact@e-nable.fr, we will primarily look for a maker to take over your project.


You agree not to request any compensation, in any form whatsoever, from the recipient. When you know the colors of the device we will provide you with the foam and the scratch.


The information transmitted in this message is personal health data. We have the recipient’s consent to share them with you. You agree not to share them in your turn and to delete them when the project is finished. If you ask other makers for advice, you will only communicate the recipient’s first name, never their other information.


You agree to never meet a minor recipient alone, and will organize meetings preferably in public places. When the recipient is followed by a health professional, you will ask him to involve them in the project. When manufacturing the device, you will always prioritize the safety and comfort of the user.


If you have questions about the type of device, its scaling or its manufacture, do not hesitate to write to us at contact@e-Nable.fr, or to discuss with the community of makers via the facebook group “Forum des makers” https://www.facebook.com/groups/enablefranceforum/.


We never show a photo of the recipient’s disability, photos are always taken with the device equipped. If the recipient has given his authorization, the photos taken during the delivery can be used to communicate on social networks.

e-Nable France at the forefront of communication. After the delivery you send us the photos and let us pass the first communication.

Try to take a photo where the recipient has their hands folded together with the fingers drawing a heart, this is kind of our trademark and makes very pretty photos 🙂