e-Nable France

Do you own or have access to a 3D printer and you want to become a Maker?

Congratulations !

To be validated as a Maker, you must:

Step 1

Have registered online using the registration form.

So far so good !

Register now !

Step 2

Have printed and assembled a test hand.

We suggest you print a Phoenix Hand, downloadable here.
Once assembly is complete, follow the pre-validation here.

Manufacturing instructions

Step 3

Have this hand validated by a coordinator.

For the final validation step, complete the form accessible from your profile, with photos of your device above, below, left, right, front, back, as well as a video showing it in operation.

Submit a test hand

Why a test hand ?

This is essential for several reasons.

The vast majority of our devices are distributed to children, so safety and comfort are paramount.

Printing is not everything. Assembling the test hand will give you the necessary experience without the stress of dealing with a recipient.

A number of items are not 3D printed: rubber bands, foam … you can find them near you or online. If you have difficulty obtaining them, we can provide you with a kit.

All assembly details are available in the “Build” section of this site.

Once your hand is validated, you will keep it. Demonstrating this is the best way to explain what you do with e-Nable France.