e-Nable France

Phoenix Unlimbited

For your test hand we recommend that you print the Phoenix Unlimbited hand : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1674320

French documentation for assembly is available here : Assemblage main Phoenix

The Phoenix Unlimbited hand is more graceful with its knuckles of different length, and is fully parametric, so no problem with slacks that increase or decrease with magnification. It uses OpenScad to generate STLs at the desired scale.

Our super maker Redji Monthana made a video in French showing how to use OpenScad to scale an arm : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiUBtlfokKU

PLEASE NOTE: this video shows the unlimbited ARM, not the HAND. For a general explanation of OpenScad and its use with the Phoenix unlimbited hand, see our page OpenScad

If OpenScad scares you, you can directly download the 100% Phoenix Unlimbited Hand STL files here : Download, but we advise you to train yourself with OpenScad which you will need to make arms.

Phoenix V2

Of course other proposals are welcome, such as the Phoenix V2


The Phoenix V2 uses a whipple tree system to provide an adaptive grip, which is more complex to print and more fragile than the Phoenix Unlimbited’s three-pin tensioner, and also less comfortable but more precise.

Phoenix Reborn

There is also the Phoenix Reborn


Unlike the previous two which use dental elastics, the Phoenix Reborn uses wire elastics, better suited to hot countries and countries where dental elastics are difficult to find.