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Is your question not listed here ?

Send an email to contact@e-Nable.fr, it will be a pleasure to answer you.

Do you equip only children or also adults ?

Both. We equip all the people that one of our devices can help and who requests it, without further criteria.

From what age can I request a device ?

Our devices include small parts that could be swallowed, we equip children from five years old, exceptionally four, according to their development.

Ho much will it cost ?

Nothing. All our devices are absolutely free for the recipient. Their production costs are absorbed in part by the maker, in part by e-Nable France.

Does the association finance the makers?

Normally no. Each device is a personal gift from the maker to the recipient. That said and depending on the donations made to us, we try each year to thank the makers who have made devices by offering them a personalized gift.

I want to request a device for a minor, what should I do?

In the case of minors, the authorization of the person's legal guardian will be required.

I want to request a device for a friend or loved one, major.

You have two options: either the recipient signs up and makes a device request on his behalf, or you register under your name and then make a device request for him.

I can’t find the device request form

You must be authenticated to have access to it.

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How long will I have to wait ?

The answer is not simple. We make connections based on geographic proximity, but also waiting time, the complexity of the disability and the experience of the maker.

Our makers work on a voluntary basis, taking on their free time, evenings and weekends. So we hesitate a little to whip them.

The wait time can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the situation.

I want to apply for funding (crowdfunding or traditional) to equip myself with a 3D printer and buy filament, can I use the e-Nable logo, stories and images?

The short answer is: no. Especially if you choose not to ask us for permission. Our volunteer work is not intended to promote personal enrichment.

The images on our site and on our Facebook pages and groups are protected by copyright, it is forbidden to use them without authorization.

However, we invite you to write to us at contact@e-Nable.fr describing your project, and we will do our best to help you.

Is your question not in the list?

Send us an email at contact@e-Nable.fr, we will do our best to answer you.