e-Nable France

The board of directors 2020 - 2021

The founders

Corinne Oquidam corinne@e-nable.fr

With a technical background, I worked in project management and quality monitoring in large companies. More recently as a partner I have gained experience in entrepreneurship.

In 2014 I discovered E-nable and this great solidarity across the world which allows technology enthusiasts and families of children with agenesia to work together to bring them a smile with these superhero hands printed in 3d. I was very touched by the different experiences of the community.

So when the project to set up the association in France was decided, it was natural that I offered to give my time by taking part in its organization and financial management.

What an adventure!

Fred Guiraud fred@e-nable.fr

Self-taught, I had a very varied professional background, eventually acquiring my expertise in the fields of colorimetry and pre-press workflows.
I have been in this activity for 25 years, which has enabled me to follow all the developments brought about by IT in the field of printing and packaging.

Technophile humanist, I did not hesitate when my friend Theo told me about the E-Nable France project… Convinced that each of us can act to make this world a better place, I bring my enthusiasm to E-Nable France and my energy!

Boris Horowitz

46-year-old entrepreneur, father of 3 children, I run ADN Techno, a Geographic Information System consulting and development company.
Passionate about new technologies, I discovered the teeming world of 3D printing in early 2015. A revelation, a crush!
In the summer of 2015, my meeting with Thierry would give a new direction to this passion for 3D filament. Or how to combine this technology with a great and beautiful idea, by making, on a voluntary basis, prosthetic hands for children.
Very quickly, the beautiful story is set up and structured, to arrive at e-nable.fr! This is only the beginning of the story, many chapters remain to be written, we are waiting for you to share them!

Ghislain Gauthier ghislain@e-nable.fr

Passionate about new technologies and in particular 3D printing, I plunged into the e-Nable adventure at the end of 2015 in order to concretely support this incredible mutual aid movement. Being myself the father of 3 children, who are fortunate to be in good health, I wanted to put my passion and my energy at the service of these families.

On the professional side, after 15 years in the world of 2D printing, I started 3D printing 7 years ago by joining Create it REAL as marketing director & amp; commercial. This Danish research and development center specializing in 3D printing is the first in particular to have created a microprocessor dedicated to 3D printers. In 2019, I am launching my marketing agency specializing in the 3D printing market, 3DPM along with an online 3D printing platform Prototypage3D.

Thierry Oquidam theo@e-nable.fr

Successively technician, manager then IT director in graphic production agencies for twenty-five years, including eight at TBWA / e-Graphics. I was fortunate enough to experience the early days of computing from within.
In 2010 I created Delta IT, and since then I have provided advice and IT support to my clients.

Technophile, at the beginning of 2014 I really wanted to have fun with a 3D printer. But what do you do with such a machine, apart from a few (moderately) decorative objects?
The discovery of the e-Nable movement in the United States will trigger the purchase of the printer and the founding of e-Nable France and, in a year, transform my life, more than I could have imagined.

It is in this great adventure that we invite you to participate today, thank you to those who will want to accompany us.