e-Nable France

The foam is EVA foam or medical foam, in 2mm or 5mm.

The foam is laid before thermoforming and mechanical assembly.

There should be foam wherever the recipient’s skin might come in contact with the plastic.
For the hands it will be on the gauntlet and the arch of the palm, for the arms on the bicep piece, forearm and possibly the arch of the palm.

Foam is not put on the thermoformable palm grid to allow breathing.

Cutting for the gauntlet is super simple: glue the foam on the gauntlet before thermoforming (neoprene glue), and then cut it with a scalpel using the gauntlet as a template.

The cutting for the palm is a little more complicated, but our super makers have made a 3D printable model with the same coefficient as the hand and which will serve as a guide for the cutting. You can download it here : mousseVoute.stl