e-Nable France

Choosing the colors

As one of the benefits of 3D printing is that it allows each piece to be printed in a different color, it is usually the recipient who chooses the colors of their device, without going into delusions.
If the maker has specific constraints, he must also indicate them at this time.

During the first meeting, once the device model has been determined, if the recipient is young, the maker gives him a trace of the hand or arm, for coloring. If the recipient is older, they simply talk about it by taking a few notes.

The images below are to be downloaded for this use. You can find them in the files of the Forum des Makers, on Facebook.

Choosing the right material

In most cases we recommend using PLA.

Inexpensive, easy to print, it is available in a variety of colors. Without the need for a heated bed or closed printer, entry-level printers can easily print great hands.

Certain uses or certain devices may require other choices of materials such as ABS, TPU or flex.

Check before you start that your printer is capable of printing the plastics you will need, do not hesitate to ask the community on the Forum des makers or the Club des Makers Validés on Facebook.

Request the kit

When you know the theme and the colors of the device, send a message to contact@e-nable.fr indicating:

  • the desired colors (attach the drawing if it exists).
  • the recipient’s name
  • your full postal address

Note: if you want a kit for a test hand, see here