e-Nable France

The print settings will depend on your printer and slicer. For PLA the printing temperature is normally between 190 and 210 ° C.

For Phoenix, Raptor and Raptor reloaded hands, all parts print without support, raft, skirt or brim.

For the Unlimbited arm, only the bicep piece requires supports.

The parts are usually oriented correctly for printing, but sometimes not. Critical thinking and common sense will save you time in printing and assembly.

Note : for the fingertips, which are printed with a large overhang, for best results point the fingertip towards the nozzle fan.

We recommend (for a 0.4 mm nozzle):

  • 3 perimeters (1.2 mm wall thickness in Cura),
  • either 10 full layers below and above (0.12mm layers) (1.2mm thickness from above / below in Cura),
  • or 6 full layers below and above (0.2mm layers) (1.2mm thick top / bottom in Cura),
  • 35% infill.

The layer height can be 0.2mm max and we recommend for final devices printed with a 0.4mm nozzle a layer height of 0.12mm.


If you need to print a piece that is too large for your bed for a recipient, no worries. send an email at contact@e-nable.fr, we will print it on a large format machine and send it to you.