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First assemble the tips of the fingers on the middle knuckles.

Be careful with the direction : the middle phalanges have a channel underneath to let the tendon pass, and a wider end than the other that goes to the palm.

The pins that allow assembly have a square head that is found recessed on the terminal phalanges.

Put the whole fingers together on the palm.

The thumb is wider than the other fingers.

If you have a model with two lengths of terminal phalanges, place all four fingers as follows: short – long – long – short.

Note: managing friction is essential. Your recipients will have very little strength, your hands will have to be as flexible as possible.

At this stage of assembly, rocking the palm slowly from the bottom to the top, the fingers should bend naturally on their own. If not, there is too much friction, you have to file.

Thermoform the gauntlet if you have not already done so by soaking it for a few seconds in boiling water, then applying it to the form printed for this purpose (see the thermoforming section for details).

Assemble the gauntlet on the palm with the pins and washers provided for. First place the pins on the gauntlet, present everything on the palm, push the pins in and secure them with the washers.

The three-pin tensioneer

The three-pin tensioner is used by the Phoenix Unlimbited hand. The Phoenix hand V2 uses a whipple tree tensioner and the Raptor and Raptor hands reloaded a five pin tensioner. These tensioners are not interchangeable.

The tensioner assembly consists of :

  • The screws (4).
  • The tensioner block (5)
  • The pins (6)

The screws go through the round holes of the tensioner block and will screw into the pins (1). For a 100% hand, M3 20mm or 25mm screws will do the trick. Use only stainless screws, and preferably round heads. If you have any doubts print the pins and go to the hardware store with them.

Each screw-pin assembly should slide freely in the tensioner block (2). If necessary deburr the angles of each pin to facilitate its sliding, and enlarge the round holes in the tensioner block.

The eyes of the pine trees should be horizontal.

Before wiring, screw the pins halfway (1) after wiring, you can thus stretch or slightly relax the tendons to adjust their tension (3).

Insert the tensioner block onto the dovetail of the gauntlet. It should slide to the end and click into place at the end. The square openings of the stretcher should face the palm.

Unlimbited arm

The palm and fingers are identical between the Phoenix hand and the Unlimbited arm.

The only difference is the hand gauntlet which is replaced by two pieces: one that will attach to the biceps and the second that will go the length of the forearm.

These two pieces fit together, like the gauntlet, with pins and washers provided in the files.